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BULK MATERIAL DELIVERY – If you don’t hear from us we WILL BE THERE on the date and time chosen. It is our driver’s responsibility to safely operate our trucks. We do our best to dump in the desired location. If it is not possible in our judgement or we are not left with directions we will try to contact you but must keep moving. If we can’t contact you our driver will use his/her judgement in locating a reasonable dumping location.

Hardgoods carry their manufacturer’s warrantee.

Landscape Plants which fail to thrive as a result of general crop failure will be accepted for return. Plants which suffer from poor site selection or improper care, will not be accepted for return. All returns at the discretion of Maple Row Farm.

All material must be physically returned to Maple Row Farm for credit. Under no circumstances are we responsible for any costs beyond actual product cost to include pickup or delivery.

Materials will be held for 60 days from the deposit or sale date free of charge. After this time they will be considered abandoned and any funds will be forfeited in order to cover the costs of storage and care.

Cut Christmas Trees are guaranteed to be fresh and healthy. If, however you should experience a problem with your tree contact the farm. It can be exchanged for credit or another tree. All we ask is that you return at least the top three feet. No exchanges will be issued without a returned tree prior to Christmas.