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We can deliver between 1 and 2 per order.
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As old as the farm, a product true to size, quality and volume. Our processing machine along with our well organized firewood yard allow us to ensure each piece is cut and split to specific standards. Furthermore, the wood is required to then sit well over nine months and bake in the sun removing as much moisture as possible. A blend of local hard woods including but not limited to Hickory, Maple, Oak, Ash, Birch makes the best firewood. The length of our firewood is 16″-18″ long, some can be 20″ however rare. We have a minimum of a 1/2 cord for pickup or delivery and a maximum of 2 1/2 cords for delivery.

Make sure your firewood is stacked off the ground in a well ventilated dry area, not tight together.

Burning Tips: When starting a fire begin with paper, kindling and smaller pieces of wood which typically burn faster and hotter. Once a strong fire is established move on to some of the larger pieces of wood. These will burn slower and longer providing that extended warmth you are looking for. Some well sealed houses require a cracked window to allow a draft to form in the fireplace.

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9 reviews for Firewood

  1. J Candee

    The firewood was just as described,delivered on time, and is keeping me warm.

  2. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Well-seasoned high quality firewood always delivered and dropped exactly as requested

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    No issues! Delivered right where I asked it to be dropped and right on time!

  4. Tracy (verified owner)

    Easy to order and schedule delivery. They even pay attention to the notes of where to drop the wood in case you are not home.

  5. John Leverty (verified owner)

  6. David (verified owner)

    Right on time. Unloaded where I asked them to. Quality wood.

  7. Richard (verified owner)

  8. christopher k. (verified owner)

    Quality wood. Uniform length. Easy to stack. No hard to stack short pieces or crotches. Clean. Minimal cleanup after stacking. Very professional ordering process. Delivered when promised. Will order again. Thanks! CK Trumbull

  9. Thomas Moore (verified owner)

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