Bonide 15oz Wasp & Hornet Jet


Bonide® Wasp & Hornet Killer 15oz

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Bonide wasp and hornet killer has a jet spray that will reach nests up to 20′ above ground. It prevents nesting, kills the entire nest and kills wasps, hornets, carpenter bees and mud daubers on contact. This may be used under eaves, screens, window frames, doors, patios, cracks, holes /crevices, plumbing, faucets, and cracks in foundation up to a maximum height of 3 feet. Point spray opening toward the nest with the can in the upright position and the wind at your back. Throughly saturate the nest to kill the entire population. It is best to wait 24 hours before removing the nest. For best results spray in early morning or late evening when insect activity is minimal. The three main active ingredients are: 10% tetramethrin, 25% permethrin, and 50% piperonyl butoxide.

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