About Maple Row Farm

Farming This Land Since 1769

Over 200 years of farming history can be found here in Easton at Maple Row Farm. Meanwhile we use the latest technology and follow closely the trends of today’s industries. Our Signature Christmas Trees have been grown here on the farm since being started as a 4-H project by the late Sherwood Edwards in the 1920’s.  His son Jim and grandsons Scott and David have been lifelong farmers starting under Sherwood’s instruction.  Jim Edwards expanded the holiday crop by planting much of the farm and we owe a great deal of thanks to him for his foresight in establishing this ten year crop.  Dave took firewood, a traditional side product of the farm, and modernized the cutting and splitting process to produce a quality product at a reasonable price.  Another side product of the farm was mulch. Scott has spent the last ten years enhancing the Grower’s Choice Mulch Line through innovation and ingenuity. The farm has the finest locally produced products as well as a full line of bagged soils, grass seed, fertilizers, and more.  All of our products can be purchased at our farm’s store located at 227 Stepney Road.  Whether it’s for your yard or in search of the perfect holiday tradition we look forward to seeing you and look forward to another 200 years!

Meet Our Farming Professionals

Meet Our Ox Teams

We closed our dairy business in the 1960’s. When the dairy cows left, Jim began raising his first pair of oxen. Here in New England; oxen were originally used alongside horses prior to the farm’s first tractor in the 1930’s. They certainly aren’t fast and they don’t do a lot of work on the farm anymore, however they are trained to pull a heavy load. In fact, they can pull up to 5,000 pounds. The farm currently has two teams of oxen; Pete & Mike and Bill & Joe who live more gentile lives than their hard-working ancestors. We are proud of this small piece of our heritage that we have been able to keep alive. Be sure not to miss them when you visit the farm!